My story

Here are a few facts

so that you know a little more about me.

My earth journey begins November 1983, in Flemish Belgium on a crescent moon night.

I am the third child of the family that my father will soon leave behind.
During my childhood we moved to France to get closer to our new father or, at least the man who will take on this role for the following 20 years.
I fully immerse myself in this new environment, developing a huge interest in the richness of the French language, opening myself up to the world of communication and exchange.

As I grow up, I find out about the multi-faceted aspects of life as humans whilst transiting to adulthood. Embracing this relocation to a different land, I naturally develop and experience the joy of open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability.
These qualities lead me to a career in the world of business, as a trade representative, using human psychology and active listening to develop harmonious business relationships. I am now devoting my experience of human relationships to the development and growth of others.
I am completely happy and balanced in my life thanks to my wonderful and supportive partner showing me life’s richness and to my fulfilling role as mother.
Astrology has always been a source of fascination and support to me. I used to rely on it in my career and have, since, deepened my understanding and knowledge of this science and art.

The Astrological work I produce is entirely an exclusively made by myself, including calculation, drawing, interpretation which is securely saved on my computer for traceability of your sky chart.
Through this revelation process, you will come to see your true being. This will bring you insight into your life path and purpose on earth, which, in turn, will give you the tools to reach your full potential and make you feel at ease with yourself and give you a positive outlook on life.

I suggest you consider me your intermediary, your filter and your interpreter to understand your natal chart as precisely as possible.

Welcome on the way to… yourself !

Just a note

I did not want to translate my all website but just explain shortly who I am, how I work and give you an idea of all the benefits you can reap thanks to my Astrology. I am looking forward to hearing your voice on the phone or reading you in my mail for more details.